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Heartspace Tarot- Charley

We are so proud and honored to join forces with the wonderful and talented Charley of Heartspace Tarot!

Charley has been reading tarot since she was thirteen when a friend gifted her a deck for her birthday. What started as a hobby, eventually became essential to her own healing and self-discovery. 

Charley created Heartspace Tarot with the intention of connecting to others and helping them on their journey. With her focus on self-empowerment and growth, Charley aims to encourage others to overcome their self-limiting beliefs and to live happier lives. 

When Charley is not reading tarot, she is picking away at her bachelor’s degree in literature. Her first and greatest love will always be books. Currently she is quite obsessed with reading everything by Thomas King, Octavia Butler and N.K. Jemisin, but is a die hard dystopian fiction fan.

Charley is always surfing waves of random inspiration, creating but rarely finishing paintings and art projects. Her home is a whirlwind of discarded novels, art supplies and half drunk cups of tea, but that’s the way she likes it.

At the moment Charley lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada where she spends much of her time exploring the various trails and parks available. She loves to travel, and has spent time travelling in Thailand, Brazil and a few other countries. Her next trip will hopefully be to the Mediterranean. 

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The heart is a beautiful thing. It's a place of vulnerability, fierceness, and both profound empathy and pain. At its darkest, we discover incredible truths that propel us into phases of intense evolution. When it's glowing it’s brightest we are capable of sharing incredible moments of compassion and connection.

The connection that humans have between our intuition and beautiful grounding powers of the earth is communicated not through our minds, but with our hearts.

Rebuilding the relationship between the heart and the earth and understanding that both are one and the same is essential to our healing. Our individual and collective heart spaces provide the perfect setting for these conversations to occur.